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Service Times

Visitors are welcome
to join with the Community
at any or all of the services.

They will be held in the chapel unless otherwise shown

HOLY WEEK services here

CLICK HERE or on the picture above for normal service times

St Augustine and The Nativity

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us. Why do you marvel that human beings are born of God?
Think of God himself, born of human beings.
(Augustine, On the Gospel of John, 2.15)

The Conversion of St Augustine, Carlisle Cathedral, c. 1490

I call upon you God, my mercy. You made me, and when I forgot you, you did not forget me. from The Confessions, 13.1.1, tr. Henry Chadwick

St Monica

What wonderful profundity there is in your utterances! The surface meaning lies open before us and charms beginners. 
Yet the depth is amazing, my God, the depth is amazing.
To concentrate on it is to experience awe.
from The Confessions Bk XII, xiv (17)


Augustine Statue
My entire hope is exclusively in your very great mercy.

From The Confessions Bk X (29)