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Service Times

Visitors are welcome
to join with the Community
at any or all of the services.

They will be held in the chapel unless otherwise shown

For service times please CLICK HERE or on the picture above

St Augustine & Holy Family

Before all else, live together in harmony, being of one mind and one heart on the way to God.
For is it not precisely for this reason that you have come to live together?”
(Rule of St Augustine, 1.2)

Birth of Augustine

‘Is everyone happy who has what he or she wants?’ I asked.
‘No,’ said my mother [St Monica], ‘If people want good things and have them, they are happy,
but if they want bad things, even if they have them, they are unhappy’
[quoted in St Augustine, On the Blessed Life, reporting a conversation on his birthday in 387]

We've been working hard on our new programme for 2018.

Sr M teaching

Alongside the usual favourites we have added some new ideas to tempt you into having that break you always promised yourself.


2 Wings course

Two Wings and some Prayers was a birdwatching-cum-retreat week inspired by the many guests who had said that they would like to know more about birds.

HAVE A LOOK at the birds we identified during this event

St Augustine

Is it not clear that what the Holy Spirit does in human beings
is allow them to have love and affection in them?
(St Augustine, On the First Epistle of St John, 6.9)