Chapel altarThe Chapel today

The spacious L-shaped Chapel, combining modern and traditional features in a light and harmonious whole, offers a beautiful and flexible area for both liturgical and private prayer.

The more you sing His praise, the more you will restore your strength  (Augustine Commentary on Psalm 99 17)


Sisters leaving Dieppe for Canada

His mercy reaches from age to age (Luke 1.50)

The Augustinian Canonesses of the Mercy of Jesus have their roots in a group who, more than 700 years ago, began serving the needy and distressed in the expanding French fishing port of Dieppe. In the Hotel-Dieu, which was equivalent to an almshouse in England, they worked alongside the Hermits of St Augustine, following the same rule as they did.

The Boarbank Community 2017

He who accepts the common life possesses God (Augustine Sermon 355.6)

Since 2016, we have joined with our Sisters from Liverpool to form Our Lady of Hope.

The more you sing His praise, the more you will restore your strength (Augustine Commentary on Psalm 99 17)

Visitors are welcome to join with the Community at any or all of the services.

Morning, Evening and Night Prayer are sung.

Services will be held in the chapel
unless otherwise shown

St Augustine window
Before all else, live together in harmony being of one mind and one heart on the way to God (Augustine Rule 1.2)

St Augustine (354-430) is best known today for his autobiographical Confessions, which tells the story of his early life, up to his conversion and baptism at the age of 31.

A life in the day of an Augustinian Canoness

The Constitutions of our Federation begin by quoting a sermon of our patron, St Augustine: ‘In the beginning was the Word ... there is the One to whom Mary listened ... And the Word was made flesh ... Behold Him whom Martha served.’